Today in the city Squamish 28.01.2020

Commercial Financing — a personal story

I am Oriana Brueggemann, mortgage broker in the Squamish area specializing in commercial and residential real estate financing. Today I a talk about ...

Lovely Park Wedding Video

West Coast Railway Heritage Park! Chuchuchu~~~

FXR Moto Rips up Squamish BC

Follow Sean and Wayne as they tear up their home trails in Squamish BC. Shot for FXR Moto.

Hikmah Rinaldi : Sea to Sky Gondola

Rental Vacancy Rates

I am Oriana Brueggemann, mortgage broker in the Squamish area specializing in commercial and residential real estate financing. Today I give a historical view ...

7 People Try A Manual Machine For The First Time

'How to build a manual machine' videos are everywhere on why aren't they on my channel?! Now I have one. Score. I went to build one at VanGo ...

A Short History of Stanley Cup Winners

Here is a short(ish) history of the NHL Stanley Cup winners in the Modern Era of Hockey, from 1944-2020. Enjoy the video! Tell us in the comments, who do you ...

Minerals 2 Quartz MP4 upload

Our first Mineral Mondays for 2020, featuring one of our interpreters Sarah Jackson-Brown. Sarah has a master's degree in geology, and in this video she's ...

Short Term Rental Financing

Today I explore what to consider when financing short term rental properties. Some additional rules apply compared to regular rental investments.

Terminology: Triple Net Lease

Today I explain what the meaning of a triple net and gross lease is when it comes to commercial financing and how it can help to maximize your operating ...

Squamish Bouldering - Lounge Act (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Easy Chair Area - Lounge Act (V6)

Squamish Bouldering - Double Decker (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Black Dyke - Double Decker (V3)

Squamish Bouldering - Detached Flake (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - North Wall Boulders - The Farm - Detached Flake (V1)

Ciara got her tongue pierced

Mackenzie got her tongue pierced

Self Storage Auction - Squamish Self Storage - SQUAMISH, BC - UNIT A018

Live Auction Link: coming soon Storage Unit: A018 Auction Closes: TBD Visible Contents: Mattress, Couch, table, China Cabinet, Arm Chair, Chair, Hutch, Misc.

Self Storage Auction - Squamish Self Storage - Squamish, BC - unit A026

Live auction link: coming soon Storage Unit: A026 Auction Closes: TBD Visible Contents: 2x dirt bikes, truck bed toolbox, compressor, misc tools, fan, printer, ...

Fly Tying Demonstration - "511 Turbo" A BC Pheasant Tail Nymph

A simple and effective variation on the classic Frenchie. This is fly designed to sink fast (in BC we can only use one fly) and it represents many food items!

Black Mark


Tram killer


Thigh master


Easy in an easy chair

V4 (+?)

Tim’s Sloper Problem


Golden Bowl

V7 (-?)



Slip n’ Slide

V4 (Not sure if it counts 🤪)

Swank Stretch



Big steep slab in Squamish. Slow and steady for this one, rain was off and on.

How to Make "Canadian Style" Mais con Hielo by Doris Suarez

Doris shows you how to make the easiest Mais con Heilo after the snowstorm in Squamish, BC.


Fun flow trail at Alice Lake trails in Squamish. Wish i got to ride it more than once. Its kind of the day end trail back to the parking lot. Fallow me on instagram ...


First trail I rode in Squamish. Crazy how you can ride the trails here in the wet Fallow me on instagram @mtbtrailpov and @mtbmikeb.

The Words of Me - V9 || Squamish

Gem of a climb I forgot to post from Summer 2019. In the Grand Wall Boulders!

should you incorporate when investing in Real Estate?

Today I discuss whether it is a good strategy to incorporate or not when investing in real estate.

Black or double-black?....either way it's awesome! Rigs in Zen | Squamish, BC

Rigs in Zen is claimed to be a black diamond on trailforks, but with so many double black features it might as well be one. It is also an extremely long trail ...

Property Assessment

Today I talk about the BC Property Assessments that were mailed out earlier in January. There are interesting trends that can be observed how the property ...

Squamish Bouldering -Largonian Bulge (Mel)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Easy Chair Area - Largonian Bulge (V2)

Squamish Bouldering - Palminator (Mel)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Easy Chair Area - Palminator (V4)

Trilha na volta do Elfin Lakes

Um pouco mais do Elfin Laked

Dey Rose- Puzzle Piece (Lyric Video)

Lyric video done for Dey Rose, featuring her first single "Puzzle Piece", released on Jan 10th, 2020. For more information, visit, or follow us ...

Commercial financing pre-approval? #realestate #realestateinvestment #realestatesquamish

Today I explore a question I often get about commercial real estate financing and why there is no pre-approval as we know it from the residential financing.

Squamish Bouldering - Sloppy Poppy (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Black Dyke Area - Sloppy Poppy (V4) *Be sure to avoid the loose hold!*

Squamish Bouldering - Old and Serious (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Viper Area - Old and Serious (V3)

Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls in Canada visiting during roundtrip Music from Audioblocks: jdi-032114-fsharp-min-harp-piano-121913-jd-39.

Squamish Bouldering - Phantom Menace (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Paradise Valley - Rock Lady - Phantom Menace (V6)

Smoke Bluffs Park, Squamish BC

Smoke Bluffs Park is located up at Squamish BC. Smoke Bluffs Park is great place to explore if your getting into hiking. There's some great easy trails that offer ...

Squamish Bouldering - Tai Fighter (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Paradise Valley - Paradise Boulders - Tai Fighter (V4)

Squamish Bouldering - Mr. Bigglesworth (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Mr. Bigglesworth (V8)

Squamish Bouldering - Superfly (Mitch)

Squamish Bouldering - Grand Wall - Superfly (V4)

investment structure

Today I share a story of one of my clients that illustrate how important it is to talk to your competent mortgage broker especially when buying multiple properties ...
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